Kayleigh Wainwright – Chair

David Gardner – Acting Secretary

David Richardson – Treasurer
DASH Exec member since 2005. Dad to Joshua and also Dawn who was diagnosed T1 aged 19 months in 2003. From diagnosis, began MDI 2 per day then 3 then 4. Now on 2nd pump (1st 2008) and also using Dexcom sensors.

Jo Holmes

Debbie Doherty – Website
Mum to a teenage girl who was diagnosed T1 aged 7. Currently on Levemir twice a day and NovoRapid injections.

Tina Foley
Mum to 4 boys.  Shaun aged 14 (diagnosed with T1 at 12 years) has recently moved onto pump therapy. We are actively fundraising to help find a cure for Diabetes (see Fundraising page).

Mark Shore